Do or Do Not

As society changes and we progress in a more technological world, people have started to rely on an easier way of life. Which is fine, I am all for newer, faster and more efficient ways of doing things. But, that is no reason to become lazy and neglect your  health. People are becoming obese at a faster rate than ever and at younger ages than ever. In our fast pace world we need something that does not take hours to do but will keep our health in check. Well my friends, I have found the secret to an easy and healthy life: Nutrition and training (exercise is not enough, you must establish goals). It does not matter your age, your fitness level, or your coordination. But, for whatever the reason, people seem to be afraid to take a chance on something that they know works and opt out for a quick fix that has not yet been proven in a long run test nor been approved by the FDA. I am here to let you know you can achieve a healthy lifestyle at any age, I mean it is better sooner than later especially with child obesity on the rise and COVID-19.

I have started to notice people in our society want to change, but they seem to be scared to change (that or lazy and full of excuses). Why? Why be scared of something so simple? It just starts with a simple task, such as walking a little farther each day or just picking something up. We just need to do SOMETHING.

There is a model called the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change which consists of 5 stages:

1.) Precontemplation: (this has two wings) 1.) Nonbelievers- People who do not believe a behavior is important for them, i.e.) working out for health. 2.) Believers- People who believe in a behavior as important but feel they are spread too thin to follow through with it.

2.) Contemplation: Thinking about really making a change within 6 months.

3.) Preparation: Thinking of making a change within 30 days.

4.) Action: This is where one is finally doing something to produce positive outcomes in their behavior modification and has been doing so for 1-6 months.

5.) Maintenance: You have been doing this behavior for more than 6 months and it has produced many positive outcomes whether it is general health or in another manor.

If you are reading this entry it is safe to say that you are at least interested in improving your health, whether it is something that you would like to achieve or maintain. This is an important process because that means you realize that it is up too you to find a way to succeed and you understand those quick fixes are not life-long.

As the old proverb says, “Give a man a fish and he won’t go hungry for a day, teach a man to fish and he won’t go hungry for a lifetime.”

Our aim is not to reinvent the wheel, but make it better. Starting is simple. Once you’ve started exercising, you then need to establish specific goals. Once you have goals you must train to achieve them. You can’t get stronger, bigger or smaller if you don’t eat to support that. So you must realize everything is routed in nutrition. Performance is derived from it. Simply put, if you eat like trash, you will perform like trash and look like trash.

When you are ready to take your success into your own hands, here are 6 easy steps to a better you:
1. Get your sleep in check. This means you need 7-9 hours of sleep in a cool dark place. Get rid of your clock and Make your room pitch black. I guarantee you sleep better and feel better. Side note, get up on your first alarm, I promise it is a game changing habit.

2. Match your nutrition to your fitness goals. You’re not going to get jacked eating twigs and berries. And you’re not gaining to get strong that way either. Likewise, you’re not going to lose weight eating Twinkie’s. Make sure you do not neglect your hydration, this is more important that you realize.

3. Stick to a program. Again what is your goal? If you want to get stronger follow a program built around strength. If you want to get fast do the same. This takes real commitment. Give whatever program you choose 3-6 months. I suggest starting with strength training paired with general physical preparedness (GPP).

4. Do not neglect mobility. Strength and flexibility correlate. The more range of motion you’re capable of the better gains you will see. The healthier your joints will be and the less likely you will be to become injured.

5. Envision your success. You must be dedicated to improvement and you must believe in yourself. A lot of times the only thing between you and your goals is YOU. Discipline is key.

6. Read and write daily. This is good to get your mind right. Track things you are accomplishing and give yourself something to revisit during tough times. Progress will always hit a point of which it is hard to see. Training logs and daily writings are great tools to revisit and remind us how far we have come.

Success and failure are in your hands. Which will it be?

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