Training Options


Every single person I work with starts with a free intro session. During this time, we will sit down to talk about everything from your goals to your current exercise and nutrition habits, even lifestyle factors that currently impact your health.

After the discussion portion where I not only get to know you, but you learn more about me and my methodologies, we move to the movement portion. Here, I will conduct both a postural assessment and movement screen before taking you through a brief, scalable introductory workout.

Once I get to know you and see you move, then we will discuss strategy.

To schedule an intro session, contact me at (301) 385-6812 or



Prices upon request. 

Whether it’s because you prefer a one-on-one setting, you’re on a tight timeline to meet your goals, or you’ve got very specific training goals, one-on-one training delivers the customization, accountability, and attention you need.


Prices upon request.

Intended for groups of four or less who desire personalized coaching in a more intimate setting. Whether this group is created by you or put together by me, I will provide the best program, support, and motivation your goals deem appropriate. Using the camaraderie of group classes with the individuality of personal training, small group sessions are a great opportunity to unlock your potential and achieve your goals.



$125 for consult and assessment.

Great for addressing specific pain issues. Rehab services begin with a thorough postural and movement assessment. What follows is a customized training plan focused on eliminating your chronic injuries, limitations, and past training imbalances.


$100 per 60-minute session, $125 per 90-minute session.

Get a massage or other restorative bodywork. Restorative services use massage techniques such as Swedish, sports, deep-tissue, and trigger-point to help accelerate injury recovery, assist with stress management, and support relaxation and mental/emotional recovery.


$50 per 30-minute brainstorm session.

Knowing what you should eat is different form breaking old habits and putting that knowledge to action. My Nutrition services work to support you in finding the best nutrition options to support your goals right now, and expand from there to increase variety and your metabolic flexibility. Changes are low-stress and facilitate long-term success.


$250 per 3-hour session

What if you just want the dirt on how you can train like I do? I offer a 3-hour one-on-one course covering the fundamentals of the Move Mass Run Fast system. We will work on establishing a firm foundation in basic movements: squatting, pushing, pulling, throwing and sprinting.  On top of this, and more importantly, we will work on teaching you how to take care of your body with proper mobility and nutrition.

We will then look specifically at your goals to determine how you can apply these elements to your training.

Included is a follow-up consult to assess your progress and answer any additional questions.


Price upon request and needs

What if you don’t live in Tampa, but you still want to learn how to make fast progress, avoid injury, and achieve your goals?

I offer comprehensive remote coaching for athletes and individuals of all kinds.

Programs are created for you and customized specific to your goals. From complete beginners to seasoned gym-rats, I can provide you with the resources and tools you need to succeed.

I offer both Month-to-Month options and a 12-Week Programs that both begin with a Skype consult and brief questionnaire to get to know you better.

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